Kate Wylie 1943-2021

We are sorry to tell you that Kate Wylie, a founder member of the Open Centre has died.

In 1977, Kate and others founded the Open Centre - a Network for Human Exploration. We are ever grateful to them for manifesting their vision of a growth centre - a home for the adventure of self discovery, espousing many paths - variety in one place.

Kate kept in touch over the years, as a valued colleague and dear friend. We will miss her greatly.

Below is an example of her messages to us on the occasions of celebrating the Open Centre 30th, 35th and 40th anniversaries.

"I wish so much I could be with you to celebrate this happy birthday. It is a marvel to me that The Open Centre has thrived for all these years, but it was and is a place like no other. I was looking at the first brochure and admiring all the hope, dreams, youthfulness and wisdom expressed there as we opened the doors. I remember the whole notion of a truly collaborative and close-knit centre seemed so clear and almost obvious that all the energy to make it happen was available - even to paint those huge walls. However we could never get ourselves to clean the place. That became the first non-collective activity. We resorted to hiring a cleaner. True to the spirit of things though, the cleaner did not know that a hoover needed to have a bag to catch the dirt, so all the dirt just blew out again for several months before we figured what the problem was. I do hope that there is now a bag in the hoover!

In so many ways the place is the same but also clearly more mature and far more beautiful. I think that the love of the practitioners for their work has supported and inspired each person who has courageously entered into the creative and breathtaking task of self-knowledge and discovering both excitement and peace in their lives.

When I left the Open Centre I did not know that there would not be anything like it in my life again, so I hold that place, and all it has and will be, deep in my heart.

I am still proud of what we all did. I am always happy that it has kept rolling on over the years through the efforts of so many, and with benefits to so many. Keep on keeping on."


Here is the link to Kates's online obituary: http://phaneuf.tributes.com/obituary/read/Katharine-Wylie-108507396
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