The Open Centre

Training & CPD Workshops

Supervision Saturdays

with Silke Ziehl

Saturdays 2019: 21 September, 23 November
Saturdays 2020: 25 January, 28 March, 16 May, 18 July.
(every 2 months)
10am-1pm £45 per session

These Supervision Saturdays offer practitioners who are working as therapists the opportunity to explore with a group of fellow practitioners topics related to working with individual clients and with groups. We will focus on using information from our own body and bodymind as a rich source regarding the processes at work – both conscious and unconscious.
If you have not been in a training or supervision group with me before, I’d like us to meet before you join the group.

Deep Bodywork 1-yr Foundation Training

with Silke Ziehl

24 days in six four-day blocks
Starts October 25-28 2019

This one year course is an introduction to Deep Bodywork combining intensive personal experience with theoretical and practical training. It is this continuous combination and interrelation of experiential and theoretical and practical material that makes this course so valuable – knowledge is gained from inside and outside and thus integrated much deeper.
The course is for both practitioners and non-practitioners alike. It can be a powerful supplementary training in Deep Bodywork for practitioners to enhance their current practice, and can equally be taken as an intensive one year course for personal development.
Life is above all movement and change and being with ourselves and others. Animals remind us of that marvellous ability of moving with ease and commitment. Physical tightness, restricting beliefs, controlling emotions strangle our sense of self and our connection to others. Deep bodywork is a process of exploring these “blocks” and transforming them into available energy.
When more connected to ourselves and our inner rhythms and responsive to the changing realities around us, we feel more alive, can make better decisions, gain more control over our life and relate better to others.

Course content
• Working with body energetic processes:
the energetic cycle, working with breath, charging and discharging energy: phases in the energetic cycle, counterpulsations in the body’s energy flow, blocks in cycle.
• Energetic Integration: energy, movements and emotion; energetics in relationships; Gestalt techniques, enactment and bodywork.
• Segments of the Energetic Body: the formation and nature of armour in the bodymind; segmentation in body tissues, structures and functioning; trauma and healing.
• The Development of Character: pre and peri- natal influences, stages in child development; character structures and character patterns; fragmented, oral, inflated, compressed, rigid patterns.
• The body as the basis of projection (of ideas onto others): working with projection, body transference and body countertransference.
Please contact Silke for more details.

Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate in Deep Bodywork will be issued.

There will be a Deep Bodywork weekend on September 28/29 2019 at the Open Centre – join it to get to know my way of working.

Pulsing Weekend - the back

with Silke Ziehl

9/10 May 2020
Saturday & Sunday, 10am-6pm.

If booked by 1 May £130
thereafter £145

PULSING is a gentle and nourishing style of bodywork. Through soft rotary movements and rhythmic rocking of all parts of the body it gently releases tensions, feelings, and energy, expanding the tissues, nourishing the person, creating spaciousness inside ... It is deep work without being painful, powerfully yet softly affecting the whole body-mind-spirit, nurturing body and soul.
Pulsing is playing with the rhythms of the body, harmonising them. This Pulsing Intensive allows time for getting to know and learn the important basics of this kind of bodywork.