Primal Integration Weekly Groups

Our Ongoing group offers weekly continuity and support in exploring deeper levels of experience and their impact on the day-to-day. The group format allows individuals to take a turn when ready. There is plenty of scope for how you use your 'go' - forms of expression are not limited to 'just talking’.

Booking: Email us via the Contact page. First timers require an introductory interview before booking.

Additional protocols will be in place whilst coronavirus is an issue. Details on booking.

Weekly Ongoing Group
on Thursdays 7-10pm


13 Jan to 17 Feb - 6 weeks cancelled
3 Mar to 7 Apr - 6 weeks
5 May to 9 June - 6 weeks
taking bookings

£144 if booked by the previous Thursday
£164 thereafter

16 June to 14 July - 5 weeks
£120 if booked by the previous Thursday
£164 thereafter