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The Open Centre was founded in October 1977

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An Introduction to the Open Centre

The Open Centre, located in London, is one of the longest established centres for self-development in the UK, having been founded in 1977 in the same premises at 188 Old Street, London EC1, where we still work. Thirty-seven years on, we are happy to celebrate our continuing commitment to offering a broad range of group and individual work within the Human Potential Movement. We endeavour to offer people thereby, an opportunity to increase their awareness of themselves - an opportunity, in a supportive environment, to look deeply and realistically at all aspects of themselves – body, mind, feelings, spirit – relationships with others – assumptions and decisions about life and work, etc. This requires responsibility and commitment on the part of the people who work with us, and we encourage them to translate what they learn at the Open Centre into everyday life to make their own lives more fulfilling and to help enhance the world we live in.

Our member practitioners offer group workshops and individual sessions in a variety of approaches to personal growth including Bioenergetics, Deep Bodywork, Energetic Integration, Kahuna, Postural Integration, Primal Integration, Psychodrama and Pulsing.

Our member practitioners, who have many years of experience in their particular areas of practice, are:

Guy Gladstone
(Bioenergetics and Psychodrama), Silke Ziehl (Deep Bodywork, Pulsing), Richard Mowbray (Primal Integration and Bodywork) and Juliana Brown (Primal Integration).

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